Thursday, July 7, 2011

Crash and Burn

I had my first bicycle crash of the season.

I didn't watch where I was going and ran right into a retaining wall.  I feel like a doofus, but it was worth it for the 879 calories I burned over the course of my ride.  The retaining wall was about three feet high and I went right over the handlebars.  I ended up with a scratched up hand and a very sore heel.  I'm not exactly sure how I hurt my heel, but overall, things could have been much worse.  I scratched plenty of paint off my bike and I have to re-true the front wheel.  I also tore up my saddle, but I'm more or less fine.  This is why it's important to wear your helmet. 

If you're on the fence about trying out bicycling, do it.  It's fairly low impact (except for the very rare extremely high impact moments which only happen if you're an idiot who doesn't watch where he's going) and it's tons of fun.

I'll leave you with the map and stats for today's ride.


  1. You're a survivor. You're a fighter.

    Nothing can stop your weight loss dream!

  2. Ouch! As long as you're getting right back up again after your crash, you're doing just fine. :)

    Great job on burning ALL those calories! I wish I had a calorie burning device so I could see what is going on with my body the way you can. You're so lucky!

  3. @chubby, I don't have any kind of device to measure consumed calories other than the internet and an exercise logging website. The fancy app on my phone that records my route is pretty cool, but you can do the same thing with google maps.

  4. Yikes! Glad you didn't get too badly brusied up. I have started biking this year since I'm a single mom to a 3 year old and I got a bike trailer he can ride in behind me. Its a lot easier than trying to take him for walks or runs with me. lol. Anyways.. I always get so worried about crashing into a tree so I try to avoid zooming down the really big hills around my neighborhood. haha.

    Hello, by the way. I am a new follower. Found you on a fellow blogger's page. My name is Jen. I am also planning to lose 100 lbs this year. Hopefully about 123 lbs. I am down 68 lbs so far so I'm just over halfway there. :)Good luck on your journey!

  5. Very inspiring (how you're doing, not the crash!lol). I may have to plan in a little longer bike ride this weekend! :)