Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Full Tummy

I ate too much Chipotle.  Claire didn't finish her burrito, so I went to town on it.  I need to quit doing that crap.  I got myself a burrito bowl so I didn't go overboard on calories and I blew it.  Now I just have a stomach ache. 

I biked to work and back today.  I put in 13 miles, which is half of my goal of 26 a day, but I'd say the 13 today felt tougher than yesterday's 27. 

If I'm going to get thin, I need to nip this overeating thing in the bud. 


  1. Keep working at it! Food is tough, and always available! :-)

  2. I like Chipotle too but watch out for the calories - they have been shown to be grossly underestimating how many calories are in those Bols, mostly because the workers over-portion.

  3. i need to keep working on my diet too.