Tuesday, July 19, 2011

No Weigh-In Today

I'm typing this from a hospital room.  Claire was admitted for some tests this afternoon.  Hopefully, we'll be out of here with some answers tomorrow.  But for now, we're just hanging out waiting.  She's feeling pretty well despite being poked and prodded every which way.  She's been subjected to a ton of tests (some of them repeatedly) but she's being a real trooper.  We now know this heart stuff isn't life-threatening, but it's still scary.

The real stressful part of today is that we thought we'd be going for a half-hour follow-up visit.  That was almost 16 hours ago.  Since then, I've eaten the following: a big burger and fries and a gyro with more fries.  I feel so gross but I've been getting food when and where it's convenient (I didn't get dinner until 10:00) and I've been stress eating as well.  Seriously, this is the kind of eating that got me to 313 pounds in the first place.  My stomach is stuffed and I feel super gross.

But all of this is making me realize how much I take my own health for granted.  I'm lucky I didn't develop diabetes or worse when I was at my heaviest.  I may gain a few pounds in the short term, but I'm determined to lose the rest of the weight.  Even though Claire doesn't like hospitals, she's here so she can be healthy and happy with me for a long, long time to come.  And even though I don't always like to eat healthy and exercise, I'm going to do it so I can be happy and healthy and with Claire for a long, long time.


  1. I toally hear you, Andrew, on taking newfound health for granted. I'm glad you understand that this is temporary, and you're looking forward to being able to exercise and eat what you want again soon.

    I hope that Claire gets better--and they figure out what the matter is. Sheesh!

  2. Get well soon to Claire! I assume this is your wife?

    I know how stressful it is and to only be able to eat what is convenient, but feeling gross is a good sign you're mentally prepared to hop back on the wagon asap. Good luck!

  3. Hi Andrew,

    What a trying time to have to go through, both your wife and you. Please don't fret too much about what you ate while at the hospital. Try your best to get back on track.

    Your words about how your wife doesn't like hospitals, but is there to get healthy and live a long life with you, and you are getting healthy to live a long life with her, really got to my heart! I will certainly try to remember those wise words when I want to binge/overeat. Because I want to be around for my wonderful husband a LONG time!!

    Thank you!!