Friday, February 26, 2010

Blog of the Week

Each week I give a little link love to one of the blogs I read.  The blog can be a newcomer like Tom over at I Hate Green Apples or someone who has lost a bunch of weight like Jack Sh*t

I started by following this week's winner on Twitter.  His blog is infused with his sense of humor when it's so easy to let yourself become incredibly dull when focusing on losing weight.

The winner of this week's Blog of the Week is Ryan at No More Bacon

Lately he's been including videos of dance moves to describe the emotion behind each weigh-in, complete with a youtube clip of said dance move.  Unfortunately, we don't get to see Ryan bust a move himself, but maybe if enough people request it, he will.

What weight loss or fitness blog would you like to see win the coveted Blog of the Week title?

1 comment:

  1. Ryan has a great blog!

    A blog of the week is a fun idea. ;)