Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Nature of Dieting

I'm having a hard time staying motivated tonight.  It's taking everything I've got not to binge.  My body is screaming at me because it wants more calories than I'm giving it.  I have 16 ounces of water to go to meet my daily goal.  Maybe I'll fill my stomach with that.

Do I just power through this or should I try to find something healthy to munch on?  I'm going to stick with water.

Dieting is a funny thing.  When you quit smoking, the goal is to stop entirely.  You can't quit eating cold turkey.  Well, you can quit eating cold turkey but you can't stop eating all together or you'll die.  On top of it, you have to very carefully make sure you're eating just the right amount and the right kinds of food.  I think if we could just quit eating, a whole lot more of us would be successful.

I'm still having trouble managing to write down everything I put in my body.  I'm terrible at logging my caloric intake on The Daily Plate.  I'm going to get better at it.  After I finish this entry, I think I'll try to remember everything I ate today and put it in.

That's all I've got for tonight.  Remember, please vote to tell me whether or not to take the Polar Bear Plunge at the top of the right side-bar.  Thanks!


  1. Mind over matter. Just tell yourself that you're stronger than any hunger pain or binge thought, and stick with it.

    One day at a time!


  2. I agree! Going cold turkey would be a lot easier. It takes a lot of effort to get things in balance. I like to think drinking water, eating six meals a day and choosing filling foods help make it a little easier.

  3. I couldn't survive without carrots, they get me through those times when I just feel like I NEED to eat. Water is great at filling up too, but carrots just have such a good crunch!

  4. stay positive about it! If you are really craving something sweet - try some fruit. They have natural sugar in them that can hit the spot. Binging is definately a mindset. Keep pushing.

  5. I think bordem is a killer for our diets. Not only filling your stomach with something good, find something to do. Looking forward to your decision on the polar bear swim!

    Come see my weigh in at

  6. Thanks for the food calorie counter website! I just signed up and Im pumped up!