Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Few Quick Things

It's late and I promised my wife I'd shower since I'm super gross from a pretty spectacular workout, so I'll make this a short post.

I had an awesome workout at the gym tonight.  According to the machines, I burned somewhere around 500 calories.  I wore a stocking cap and my usual sweatshirt.  I would have gone longer, but about 25 minutes into my treadmill workout, I leaned forward to prop myself up on the control panel (I was really worn out).  In the process, I hit the big, red emergency shutoff switch.  I don't know why I didn't anticipate that considering I've done it once or twice before.  I contemplated getting back on, but, as the kids say these days, eff that noise.  I was done.  I still accomplished one heck of a lot tonight.

I've been having a very hard time controlling my intake since I got back to Minneapolis.  I think part of it is I'm still eating emotionally.  Pockets of grief keep coming to the surface and I'm sure there's a lot more going on in my subconscious than I realize.  I'm also trying to recover from all the overeating I did this last week.  I'm just hungry all the time and need to work past that again.  Lastly, I inherited some food that shouldn't be in my fridge, in particular, a bag of 4-dozen ready to bake chunks of cookie dough.  I didn't count how many I ate today; let's just say they weren't canceled out by my gym visit tonight. 

Whatever the reason for my overeating, it needs to stop.  Anyone have any experience with emotional eating and grief? 


  1. Hi Andrew,
    I have lots of experience with stress/boredom eating and have ruined many calorie-counting days by gorging. The good news is everyone falls of the wagon and it's possible to pick yourself back up and just promise to be better from here on out. I've recently made my weight loss goal (over 70 lbs lost!) and have learned a TON in the process. I know my food weakenesses, and I know that food is truly an addiction and there are some things I simply have to abstain from completely. If you have things in your house you can't stay away from, GET RID OF THEM!! DESTROY THEM NOW! If it is available to you , you WILL eat all of it. I recently stomped on a bag of chips and poured ketchup in a jar of peanut butter because I couldn't stop eating it. Simply not having these foods around helps keep my calorie counts down. Anything you buy on a whim probably shouldnt be in your house. Also try to keep busy- I take my son to the pool or do laundry or clean the house. Not only do these activities burn calories, but they keep my face out of the fridge. Also- invest in a heart rate monitor if you're serious about calories, because those machine counters are really, really off. They about double what you actually burn! I can't live without my monitor at the gym, it keeps me accountable and honest about how hard I am actually pushing myself. I have been really successful with my weight loss so I hope you take these tips to heart. Emotional eating happens to everyone and you CAN fix it! Just get rid of the cookie dough now before it's too late- do whatever you have to to make it unappetizing to you. Good luck!!

  2. Yes. I eat for emotion. :) This week, I have cabin fever...and that special female time of the month. Wednesday night I ate about a dozen cordial cherry hershey kisses and a ton of spaghetti. Afterwards, I felt a little guilty. But I knew I couldn't change it-eating disorders are not my thing. So I got over it. I told myself that tomorrow I will not eat like that no matter what my emotions were, and it worked!

    As far as the cookies go-bake them and bring them to work for everyone else to devour. I usually put my cookies in our break room and then I avoid it until they are gone-I also tell myself not to eat any because I made them for other people-not myself. Usually, giving makes a person feel good, and getting rid of food you don't want to be tempted by also feels good.

    As far as watching your intake after a 'bad' weekend, I would just decide that the weekend is over with, and so is the bad eating. Don't wait to get back on the horse, if lunch sucks then do better at dinner. I always have difficulty getting back into better eating after an event surrounded by food (like Christmas!).

    Keep working on it! I think you're doing such a great job so far!! (Did you read the article WebMD had about 80/20?-if not check it out)

  3. As I was reading your post, I had the same thought as Liza. Bring them to someone, or even better send them to someone who might need a little surprise package. You always feel great when you make someone else smile.
    Just remind yourself how far you've come, and yes it's been a tough week. Grandma would be proud, so when you swap the salad for the cookies, do a little cheer! Ty and I are proud of you! (And Baby Helland and Prudence too!) You can do this Tralle!
    P.S. When I was reading your post after you got back into town from Luverne, I cried. It could be the preggo hormones running rampant
    (poor Ty having to put up with them lately) but I appreciate how honestly you can share these feelings with us all. You're a one of a kind!

  4. Sometimes you just have to throw things like that out.

  5. Yeah, I agree with Andrew. I grew up with very meager means, and learned to never throw out anything. But I also grew up obese, and am just now almost into the "overweight" categtory. So maybe I don't need to eat EVERYTHING I buy/take, right? Sometimes it's okay to waste (though better no to buy/get in the first place...).