Sunday, February 21, 2010

Thanks for Another Great Workout Pledge

Today is the last day of my first week "back on the horse" and I'm not sure how well I did.  I've been getting better at using The Daily Plate and today marks the last day of my 3-week 8-glasses-of-water-a-day challenge.  Somehow, I did it.  I ate pretty well this week with the exception of this weekend.  Friday night we went out for beers (I had 2) and Saturday I made dinner for my Mom for her birthday.  We had lemon chicken with capers, mashed potatoes, roast asparagus, and chocolate cake with ice cream.  Yes, we went overboard.  I figured it was a special occasion.  The problem is, how many special occasions are there?  I think I'll cut the butter out of the recipe the next time I make it.  Given, there's only 2 tablespoons in there, but I can do without it.  I could have also replaced the mashed potatoes with wheat pasta or something.  The asparagus was good, but we could have done without the chocolate cake entirely.

The highlight of my week fitness-wise was my workout pledge.  I rounded up to 50 minutes on the elliptical.  I was quite stinky when I got off the machine.  Thank you everyone who commented and donated and subscribed and linked.  I got a great workout!

There's still time to donate to the Special Olympics for my Polar Bear SwimDonate here!

Early on, before I really lost any weight, I said I was going to spend one week pushing hard.  Gym every single day, watch what I eat as closely as I can, etc.  Next week will be that week.  As of the last weigh-in, I need to lose exactly two pounds every week for the remainder of my year in order to make weight.  I'm going to try to make March another month like January so I can get out ahead of my goals again.  My weight loss is sure to slow down as I approach my goal.  I'm guessing the last couple months will be hard and I want wiggle room.  Let's see if I can't help my future self out a little bit.

After I posted about the little things that I'm doing to self sabotage, most of the comments I got were people realizing they did the same things or adding their own little things.  A friend of mine made a comment that cut a little deeper.

Mr. Scott said...
It's good to recognize the things you're doing wrong, but it isn't worth much unless you do something about it. This post is long on excuses but short on solutions. You've been posting for weeks about how you're going to start planning meals in advanced. When is that going to happen? Why hasn't it happened yet? What are you waiting for?

He's absolutely right.  What good is it to point out the things I'm doing wrong if I'm not going to change them?  What am I waiting for?  Awareness is a good start but I didn't start writing this blog just to become aware of the things that are making (and keeping) me fat.  I started this blog to change myself. 

For one week, I will not use an elevator.  There is one student I work with one-on-one that I will need to make an exception for, but either than that, no elevator. 

What little thing will you change this week to make yourself healthier?


  1. Glad to see someone is finally listening to me.

    Here's something I'm doing: Cutting down on my milk and dairy consumption. I LOVE milk. I could drink a gallon of whole milk every single day and still want more. I've cut down to about 1 gallon a week. I drink water most of the time now, and only have a glass of milk with breakfast or dinner.

    I would look at how much pasta you're eating. Noodles are full of carbohydrates that I don't think your body needs them. You want to burn fat, if you keep fueling yourself with carbs you're just going to burn those during your workout. Eat more veggies.

    Another thing to consider: Losing weight is easier when you see results. Feeling sucessful will motivate you to keep going and it will make you lose more weight. Instead of just recording your weight why not take some measurements, too? It'll be interesting to see how many inches you lose around your waist as you work towards this goal.

    I can't wait to see a photo of you standing in a pair of too-big pants a couple months from now.

  2. I am going to stop drinking diet soda and the only thing other than water that I will drink is V8.

  3. That's how I started this whole journey; I decided to not take the elevator. Those little commitments become bigger commitments.

    Don't fool yourself about special occasions. There is no occasion worth making bad food choices. In hindsight you think "I should have", "I could have"...but in reality if your serious about what you need to do then there is no other option but "WILL".

  4. Special occasions are dangerous as there is always a special occasion on.

    Good luck next week!

  5. I think the idea of doing things different is cool. I am on my 4th day now of no pop. I work on the 6th floor, so maybe I should try that. Will be really sweaty though going up 12 flights of stairs....

    Looking forward to hearing about your swim!


  6. No more excuses!!

    Keep in mind that October is Halloween, November is Thanksgiving, and December is never-ending cookies...I mean, parties-Never ending PARTIES... :D

    If saying no now is difficult, saying no during the last 3 months of your challenge will be even more difficult! Start practicing this phrase now in order to be ready later, "no, thank you."-then walk away/change subject (And Easter is coming!..those chocolate eggs always get me!).

    :) Every holiday season will be difficult..We can only hope to do the best we can.

  7. Awareness is a huge step in the right direction. After all, if it ain't broke, you won't fix it. It's time to forgive yourself for making those excuses and take it one day and one good choice at a time. Hell, we all start from somewhere. Me? I started with five minutes on the elliptical each day.

    You can do ANYTHING for five minutes, right?

    Lose that 'all or nothing' attitude. You don't need to hit the gym EVERY SINGLE DAY and eat clean EVERY SINGLE DAY. You just need to hit your goals 90% of the time. Consistency, my friend.

    Start slow. And then race with me to the finish. Bad knees and all. :)

  8. 1 thing to change: cut down to 1 diet coke a day. I got like 48 diet cokes for valentines day so my fridge is just full of them. I'm drinking lots of water as well (I'm only up to 4 bottles a day) but all that diet coke is something my body doesn't need. So that's what I'm doing.

    I agree with Liza... every month has some holiday in it or some birthday party or dinner or wedding or weekend in Morris where all you eat is Bello and Don's and Jose's.

    There's this product... called 'oh fudge' which is fudge-like but it has WAY less calories since it's made from fruit and cacao powder. My mom uses it to get her 'chocolate fix'. It's really good on fruits. That might be useful on those 'special occasion' days. :)

  9. Regarding your mashed potatoes....once on Rachel Ray, they showed a recipe that used mashed cauliflower mixed in with the potatoes. If Ty didn't despise mashed potatoes, I'd totally try that.
    Even though I'm kinda on the other end and need to gain weight (within reason) I had an eye opener at my last doc visit. Gaining 12 pounds in a month is not healthy even if you're growing another person. I took the whole "eating for two" thing a little too literally. So I've been carrying a bag of baby carrots around with me at school. Whenever I think about eating chocolate, I eat a carrot. At least I'm getting my vege's in. And I try to think about the outfits that I want to be wearing again after baby Helland is born. Maybe materialistic, but I have a lot of clothes that I really miss.
    My sister has become a runner lately, and her latest goal is to be ready for a half marathon this summer. She's done some 5k's but now she wants to up it. When at her house, she also keep a picture of Gretchen Wilson (her idol) on her fridge, the snack drawer, the panty and a few other places. That way when she wants to eat something, she's reminded of what she's really trying to do.