Friday, February 19, 2010

Work Out Pledge Results and Blog of the Week

So the results are in.  I will be exercising 49 minutes and 45 seconds.  A good portion of my workout today was sponsored by my parents who donated $100 to the Special Olympics for my Polar Bear Plunge at 11:15 this morning in remembrance of my grandma, Helen Erickson.  My mom said it best when she said "Grandma would be proud and nervous".

I realized that I completely failed to do Blog of the Week yesterday.  I'll do it today instead.  I've been following a lot more blogs lately thanks to Andrew at Andrew is Getting Fit.  But this week's blog of the week is one I've been following since the beginning.  This week's Blog of the Week goes to I Hate Green Apples.  Tom was one of the first people to approach me about my blog.  He was definitely the first person I hadn't met before who approached me about it.  He's offered me encouragement for the last couple months and I've tried to do the same.  Go over and check him out.

Well, it's about time for me to get to the gym.  I'll be tweeting the whole time (@100_Pounds) on my phone.  Please tweet back.  I've never been on the elliptical for this long before and will no doubt need plenty of encouragement. 


  1. thank you soo much for your kind comment today! its AMAZING how ONE person CAN make a difference. You reminded me there are people do want to inherently be "good". Sometimes I let my anger and frustration blind me to that fact. I enjoy reading your blog. The poor soul who left you that ugly comment only felt the inner disgust they have with themselves in a weak attempt to pump themselves up by putting you down.......Keep up the great work!



  3. His blog is a good one too! He too is on my blog roll -- I'm not trying to copy my last post about blog of the week :)

    Alright! 49 minutes is a good workout!