Monday, February 22, 2010

Weigh-In Results

It's Monday night and I've been trying really hard to drop the weight I gained when I lost my grandma.  I can't say this week has been easy.  I nearly broke down the other day because I was feeling tremendously overwhelmed by my journey.  There's a voice in my head that keeps saying "You'll never lose the weight.  Don't even try."  It's a hard voice to ignore.  On the other hand, every pound I lose makes it a little easier to keep soldiering on.

I was hoping for a huge loss this week.  I wanted to lose all the weight I gained during two weeks of grieving and then some. 


No such luck.  I mean, a 2.9 pound loss is a good loss.  I just wanted to undo my bump in the road completely and then some.  
It's good.  If I keep going at this rate, I'll hit 196 before I know it.  I'd be lucky to lose 2.9 pounds every week.

I started strong this week.  I almost got on an elevator without even thinking of it this morning, but as the door was opening, I remembered my pledge not to take the elevator this week.  I also put everything I ate today into The Daily Plate.  Everything.  I even came in 177 calories below my target!  I'm going to do it every day this week.  Eventually, it will become a three-week challenge, but I'm going to try for one week first.  Some people post everything they eat on their blog.  I'm not trying to hide anything from you, but that's really not my thing.  If you want to see what I'm eating, create a free profile on The Daily Plate and add me as a friend on the site.  Here's a link to my profile.

What I will post is a screen shot of my end totals for the day.

I'm under on total calories, cholesterol (way under), and carbs.  I'm over on fat (a lot of which I dabbed off the top of the pizza I made for dinner so I'm not too worried about it), sodium, sugars, fiber, and protein.  The protein is fine and so is the fiber.  I ate a lot of natural sugars today in things like milk and fruit, but I still need to control it somehow.  Sodium is the big one though.

It's past my bed time, which brings me to my final point.  Next week, my mini-goal is going to be to get at least 8 hours of sleep every single night for an entire week.  I think a lot of sleep will go a long way to making me healthier and happier.

One pound left to go before I'm back where I started at the beginning of February.  I can do that in a week.


  1. yes you can. Not bad considering what has gone on this past month. Good job!

  2. YaY!!!

    Nice job catching yourself before you got on the elevator. Same thing happen to me today at Costco. My husband got a hot dog and diet coke. I was eating 1/2 a ceasar when I mindlessly went for the diet coke. Stopped right before I grabbed it.

    That my friend is some kick ass way of thinking!

  3. Don't listen to that voice. You can keep going. 2.9 pounds in a week is pretty awesome. Getting lots of good sleep is good too. If nothing else it will make you feel better so you are less likely to go for those "comfort" foods. You're doing good. Keep it up!

  4. I think you need to squash that teeny-tiny negative voice with a louder, stronger positive voice. "I can do it. I am losing weight. I am getting healthier. I am getting closer to my goal weight." They say your mind goes to work to do what you tell it, and, unfortunately, it listens to the negative voices, too.

  5. When things seem to be too big and the little voice tells you that you can't. Break things down and make it simpler. Instead of focusing on a 'number' as your goal... focus on another goal; like hitting your calorie limit; doing so many steps a day; or like you said focusing on your 8 hours of sleep. It days like this that I have to just try to get by one day. I want to be under the 200s but my body is not losing the weight as fast this time around... and normally by now (2 months in) I would've already thrown in the towel with the results I've been getting. Keep it up! I'm here to back you up.

  6. Way to go on the 2.9 pounds! I started tracking on The daily plate and I love it!! Thanks for sharing it in one of your past blogs!!

  7. Looks like a great loss to me - keep it going!

  8. Try switching up your fitness routine to keep it interesting. I think I would go crazy if I went on n elliptical machine every day. Debi left some of her work out tapes at my house so if youre curious about Turbo Jams or Hip Hop Abs just let me know.

  9. I agree with switching up the routine. I'm starting to dabble in circuit training, which can combine cardio and weight lifting in shorter spurts with little rest to pump up your metabolism, burn more fat and build muscle. I started this because I'm not seeing results from the elliptical, and weight training gets boring for me after a while..And if I want a shorter session to save time and still burn the calories, this works perfectly!

    If you want any ideas, just google it, there are hundreds of circuit training sessions online and once you get to understand how they work, you can develop your own and tweak your current program.

    Why don't you write a post about what you do at the gym? Is it mostly cardio, or are you lifting as well?? I think you'll learn a lot about what has/hasn't worked from the feedback you'll get.

    Also, can you bring friends to your gym? Maybe the next workout pledge can include a friend to keep you company and support you to keep going.

  10. You've got to kill that little voice inside you!

  11. Tell that little voice he's a jerk head and punch him in the face.

    I seriously suggest p90x. Even just the Kenpo workout is an insane cardio workout and since it's like kickboxing you can punch out all your stress and frustrations.

  12. Don't listen to that negative little voice. You can do this!!

  13. Nice job. Take it one day at a time. That is what I have been doing and am down to 257 from a start of 274 in January. I battled some nasty illnesses all month and was able to maintain some consistency just by pushing myself past my comfort zone.

    In looking at your Cal's, you may want to shoot for a little bit lower cals', lower carb and higher protein. I don't claim to be an expert, but what has been working for me is to try to stay around 2,000 cals (sometimes 1800, sometimes 2200) and about 1 gram of carb per body weight, and 1 gram of protein per lean body mass. So about 260 carbs and 180 protein is what I have been shooting for.

  14. Don't listen to the voice. Shut it up with exercise!