Friday, March 26, 2010

Am I Trapped?

Coming home from the gym, I noticed a bench with a McDonald's ad on it.  I haven't had McDonald's in around 5 years and I'm glad I haven't.  Still, I found myself feeling trapped.  I wanted the freedom to be able to eat whatever I want whenever I want.

Then I realized I have that freedom.  I'm an adult and can choose to eat whatever I want.  I have a choice, I can either eat crappy food and enjoy myself until the diarrhea sets in, or I can eat food that's good for my body, exercise on a regular basis, and enjoy how I feel and how I look now that I've lost all the weight.

This isn't just one decision.  It's a choice I have to make multiple times every single day.  The healthy lifestyle won't win every time, I just need to make sure I make the right choice most of the time.


  1. WooHoo!! That's one of the things I love best...realizing that I AM in control and that rather than being consigned to certain foods, I CHOOSE those delicious foods that nourish my body. It feels so wonderful. I'm glad you've experienced it.

  2. good job and keep up the multiple good decisions!

  3. Exactly! A hedonistic lifestyle gets you what you want NOW but has consequences later.

    I don't have the research or data but I heard from someone that exercise, healthy eating, etc doesn't necessarily lead to a LONGER life but does lead to a BETTER quality life. Either way I'd argue its worth it.

  4. Even McDonald's grilled chicken breast promotes diarrhea. That's how you know they do terrible things to good food.

  5. I imagine that even if you chose to eat at McDonald's you would be so dissapointed with it that it would be easy to not return for at least another 5 years. You are making choices everyday that lead to the life you want to lead. Your life is yours.

  6. I ove this post. It's short and sweet but oh, so on target. This is great!

    You are in control of your choices. In everything, we have choices--even if it's only the ability to choose to be happy about doing something or mad/sad/angry about it, you know?

    Good stuff, Andrew!

  7. I was listening to public radio and approached the DQ drive thru just in time to hear about obesity and diabetes among Native Americans.

    Depressing. That burger didn't go down so well when I was thinking about what I was doing to my body. I regret that one. More will power needed! At times like that, I need to think "W.W.A.T.D.?"