Sunday, March 14, 2010

Blog o' the Week

Every week I give a little link love to one blog that resonated with me in that week.  I call it "Blog of the Week."  This week, in honor of St. Patrick's Day, I'll be calling it "Blog o' the Week."

This week's winner was the first weight-loss blog I found that I could really relate to.  We're around the same age, both married, and, although he had more weight to lose, I felt we had very similar goals.  He started almost exactly a year before I did and I looked at him and saw what was possible for myself.

In his last post, he talked about how it pained him to see someone in the same place he was before he started his journey.  I won't give away too much, but instead I'll direct you to this week's winner: 344 Pounds.


  1. Hi Andrew. Thanks for commenting on my post. Here is another post I did on the same subject, and it has a different bodyfat calculator. Best bet, tho, is to get a $30 "omron" bodyfat analyzer. Those seem (in my experience) to be much more accurate than the scales and the calipers. Here you go:

    And...Brrrrrrrrr! on that icy plunge. Yikes!

  2. Thanks for plugging that blog. He's got a good blog.

  3. Good blog to highlight. Finding his blog is what got me started on my journey. Good stuff.