Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ask Me Anything

I've gotten really terrible about posting every day.  It's been a busy few days but things are returning to normal. 

I had two rest days in a row this week.  Ugh.  I didn't do much yesterday at the gym either.  I don't think I'll post a gain this week (fingers crossed) but I don't think I will have lost anything either.  I kind of fell off the horse with The Daily Plate

I might just be spinning my wheels.  Maybe I will post a loss on Monday.  I've only got .2 pounds to lose before I hit the 30-pound mark.  I need to stay positive and work my butt off for the next two days at the gym and really make sure I watch my intake and I might actually lose weight this week.  How novel.

Recently, I asked you what I should write about for future posts.  Kim (check out her website, she's an awesome photographer) suggested I have an "ask me anything" post.  So ask me anything (within reason) and I'll answer it next Tuesday on my post.  That way everyone has time to get their questions in.  So just post your question in the comments section.  So go ahead, ask me anything.


  1. What's the story behind "waterballonist"?

    and these from the other day:

    What kind of stuff are you looking forward to doing that you can't do now or couldn't do when you first started this?

    What is your 'diet' history like? Were you a yo-yo dieter? Is this your first attempt to lose weight?

    What are your fitness goals?

    Do you see a marathon in your future?

  2. what is your best weight loss tip?

  3. What is the one most painful moment or event that occurred to make you finally say, "that's it, I am losing this fat"

    The details would be great.

  4. I'm no expert, but I think plateaus (mentally and physically) must be normal in weight loss. Your body probably needs to get used to the fact it is TEN PERCENT SMALLER!

    Your body must be much happier; your joints, heart, etc - way to go!

    If you can, you might want more checkpoints on your "Percentage of Body Weight Lost" time line. 15% and 25% are pretty significant numbers to me.

    Keep working hard. I was tempted last night but DQ was closed when I drove up - thank goodness!

  5. Has your sex life improved?

  6. How has the weight loss affected your self image?

    What will you do if you fall short of your goal?

  7. Ask you anything? Wanna hang out?

  8. What are your other goals in life (besides the weight loss)?

  9. How do you know you won't fail?