Monday, March 1, 2010

Weigh-In Results

Let's just get it out there.  February was by far the worst month I've had in a long time.  Good riddance.  In short, February sucked.

Moving on, because that's exactly what I intend to do, March is here.  Steve over at Nerd Fitness is hosting a 28-day challenge.  He's challenging everyone to do 2 or 3 things for 28 days and post their results.  So instead of my normal 3-week challenge, this month I'll be doing a 4-week challenge.

Here are the habits I'll be forming this month.

1. I'll be using The Daily Plate every single day.  Even if I go over on my calories, I'm not going to be ashamed and stop using it.  Even if I miss an evening, I won't give up this time.  Diet is going to be the linchpin to some serious weight loss this month.  I lost 22 pounds in January.  I want another loss like that.

2. My second goal is to get at least 7 hours of sleep every night.  If I miss out one day, I'll take a nap to make up for it.  This also means I'm going to have to start my blog earlier in the evenings.

I'm also supposed to take a picture of myself at the beginning of this challenge and then again at the end.  Since it's late and I don't want to hassle my wife to take a shirtless picture of me tonight, I'll post it tomorrow. 

Well, it's Monday so it must be time for my weekly weigh-in.

This weigh in shows my weight change for the last week of February.  Let's get to it.
272.2.  Yes, it's the lowest weight on my journey thus far, but not by much.  It means I only lost 1.8 pounds in the entire month of February.  The good news is that I lost 2.8 pounds this week and 23.8 pounds since I started.  It's better than a gain I suppose.
I had hoped to be around 260 by now.  Hopefully by April 1st, I might see high 250s.  I know that's incredibly optimistic, but I'm shooting for the stars.  March is going to be a good month.


  1. Good work, keep giv'n er

  2. Tralle power in full effect

  3. Holy crap! 22 lbs in a month. You're a success story! 2.8 lbs in a week?! Another success! Congratulations :)

  4. February wasn't the best month for me either... I think I also only lost 1.8lbs... however I took my measurements and compared them to last months measurements... and I lost 11.25 inches!!! So February felt wrong.... but the inches made my month!

  5. Good luck on your goals!!!! Keep us posted!

  6. Keep up with the good work. I'm on a quest to lose 80 pounds in a year, and keep it off for another 2.

    Don't be discouraged by the number. Like Amberly said, the number might not change but you might. Keep it up and stick with it!

    - Jess

  7. Gret job! Take all of the loses, kick it up a notch, and DRINK YOUR WATER!!!

  8. ...and you're less than 6 pounds away from your 10% lost milestone. Sweet! Good riddance, February.

  9. On the positive side you are at your lowest weight so at least you didn't gain in February!

  10. Nice job. I had a slow February as well. Lost about 5 lbs., but not as much as I hoped for. However, did notice those 5lbs meant a lot in terms of clothes fitting and how I felt. Just got to remember to not always focus on the scale and look at the other victories along the way. I would highly suggest body measurments if you have not already as those are another good indicator of progress.

  11. Thanks for the tip on the 28 day challenge. I already got involved based on your recommendation. I had a good February because I did not know what to expect. Now I do.

  12. March IS going to be a great month!!!!

  13. Hey Andrew!

    Lowest weight you've been since you've started this journey. Build on that momentum, you got a team of people pulling for ya.

    One day at a time!