Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Temptation Resisted (Almost)

I was at the supermarket tonight.  I've been fighting off some extremely intense cravings as of late.  Something inside me recently decided it wants more food.  It's becoming increasingly difficult to say "no."  I kept having visions of picking up a Cadbury Egg or some other indulgence.  I picked up some gum at the register; I was compelled to buy an impulse item and I think I picked the most reasonable.  I did get some Teddy Grahams but they're not too terrible for you as far as chocolate cookies go.

I'm so glad I recognized I was having a weak moment so I could deal with it accordingly.  In the past, I would have loaded my cart with the most unhealthy garbage imaginable.  While fighting off the urge to buy chips, soda, and candy, I asked myself "Is this worth no loss this week?  Is this worth not reaching your goal?"  Invariably, the answer would be no.  It was still damn near impossible to move on.

So here I am.  Hungry, but proud of my ability to resist the temptations of the grocery store.

When are you most tempted to eat things you shouldn't?


  1. good job. I notice that the harder that I work out - the hungrier I become. It's hard to pick what is best for me in those times because I really want a soda and stuffed crust bbq pizza -- but I do well in resisting and eating an apple or something and more water.

    those are the hardest times

  2. Well done on resisting! It's hard for me when I'm losing consistently as I think I can eat more and still lose.

  3. Good job!! I have problems between after work and when dinner is served. And then after dinner is served and going to bed. And anytime I go to a gas station!! LOL. YOu get the picture!!

  4. Yeah, I don't even go in the gas station anymore. I just pay at the pump. It's safer that way.

  5. I have the most problems in the fall and in the spring. And the weakness is always sweets! Recently, Thin Mints are really getting to me-I average about 5 of them a day, and when I factor in the Easter chocolate that my co-workers have everywhere, it gets impossible to say no!

    But I did eat a delicious salad last night, so I'm satisfied with that..for now.

    I agree with Andrew is Getting Fit-the moment I fit into my jeans the way I want to, my diet starts to slack..

  6. Nice work, Andrew! Way to recognize and resist temptation. I know mine is worst in the evenings and throughout the night.

    But I'm learning to recognize when my body is telling me to eat for sustinence and when I'm just bored/lonely/sad/etc...

    The questions you asked yourself are good ones to remember.

  7. Make sure you don't go to the grocery store when you're hungry. If you shop hungry you'll buy a ton of crap you don't need.

  8. my worst is when I feel like I've been doing so well I can reward myself by ordering a pizza or something. or if I'm out to dinner with people. It's hard for me to make good choices then, I just love the taste of bad food!

  9. Make sure you're eating enough actual food. Bulk up your meals with some veg and grains. Make sure you have high-protein, low-cal snacks at hand. PLAN for the foods that make you happy - incorporate them by conciously choosing them AND THEIR PORTION SIZE and you'll still have a deficit on the calorie in/calorie out equation.

  10. I don't have many cravings anymore, but some nights I just want to eat and eat and eat, and it tough to find enough healthy things to fill whatever void is calling out.

    I'm a new reader to the blog btw- looking forward to keeping up with your progress!

  11. Good idea with the gum - if you need to chew make it something that doesn't go down the hatch.

    It sounds like beating that temptation most of the time is already big progress for you.

    *High Five!*

    Staying out of gas stations is a great idea.

    Find some NON-food rewards for yourself to help through those temptations.

  12. I think that those moments of strength are reinforced when you can finally see the direct connection between calorie intake and weight loss. Untilyou get that mastered and can experience, it is all too theoretical. Don't you think?

  13. My biggest temptation time is when I'm at work. There is always a bowl of cookies or hershey kisses everywhere you look.

    I try to keep a drawer in the fridge stocked with healthy alternatives, not to mention my desk is stockpiled with tasties too.