Thursday, January 20, 2011

Another Week, Another Loss

This week I'm just going to cut to the chase.  I lost 1.4 pounds.  Nothing as spectacular as last week's but I knew I could never sustain those results.  That's a grand total of 6.1 pounds in two weeks.  I feel confident that I will meet my goal of losing 7 pounds in the month of January.

I started this week tired and was never able to shake the sleep loss.  I had a high-school overnight with my 9th graders over the weekend and, although only 23, cannot bounce back like a 15-year-old can after only a few hours of sleep.

I also started my spring semester of classes.  While I was driving from work to school this afternoon, I thought about how it will be difficult to continue exercising now that my days have become longer.  I'm glad the 21 days are almost up, but I think I should be able to sustain regular exercise, just not exercise every day.

Andrew found a 9 week interval training program similar to the one we did together last spring/summer.  This one is not specifically for distance, as it is for total running time.  I started the program this week, and will finish shortly before my spring break.  It will be a good way to ensure I exercise at least three times per week and hopefully I can add one or two non-running workouts in my routine.

I am still using the Malibu Pilates Chair and the DVDs.  They are difficult, and I work up a sweat, but I haven't grown tired of them like I have other exercise regimes.  I think it's because I'm doing Pilates about 3 times a week and going to the gym the other 4.

I am also still watching what I eat/counting calories.  I have (mostly) cut out snacking and increased my fruit and veggie intake.  I strive for 4 servings a day, but usually end up with 3 (except for today, I actually got 4!). I have noticed that after the first week of being absolutely miserable and being hungry all the time, I do not have as large of an appetite.  Whenever I begin to feel hungry I either reach for a fruit/veggie choice, or I drink something.  Tea, coffee, water all have really helped to to keep my hunger at bay.  Also, waiting 20 minutes after eating to see if I'm actually still hungry or just tempted by the delicious food.

I realize that what I'm doing is not revolutionary;  if anything, it is overly simple.  I just watch what I eat and exercise every day.  I do have one major motivation, however.  I have made myself a promise that I will not buy anymore clothes until I go down two sizes.  Then I get a whole new wardrobe.  That is probably the biggest motivation of all.

That's all for my blundering thoughts this week.  Only 3 more days of the 21 day challenge!



  1. Good job on the loss. By the looks of how you're doing, you should be able to hit the goal easily. Cheers, Rick

  2. I love the new wardrobe idea. It'll feel great buying smaller clothes (I can't wait to do so myself).

    Great work, too! It is really easy...when you strip it all down to brass tacks. Doesn't it?

  3. Hi! I enjoyed reading some of your posts! I've just started my own blog to keep me motivated through my weight loss journey. I'm new to the blogging community and would love it if you would follow my blog...the more followers I have, the more motivated I'll stay! Thanks!

  4. Love your blog. Like all the charts with the stats. Very clever. I am also new to this blogging thing and I say ditto to what reeceh22 said. Hope you drop by and visit. You are an inspiration to us all!!