Saturday, January 22, 2011

King Size!

A few years ago I signed up for a catalog called King Size.  I was sick of the clothes in the store not fitting anymore, so I ordered a big and tall men's clothing magazine.

I know it's not the greenest thing to do, but it brings me so much joy to chuck this catalog in the trash as soon as I get it every couple of months.  It's one of the times I can really appreciate how far I've come.

If you can think of a better alternative, let me know.  Most creative response wins my next copy of King Size to use as you see fit.


  1. I totally know the feeling - I recently wrote a letter to Lane Bryant, telling them thank you for keeping me well-dressed for many years, but to please remove me from their mailing lists, as I have now lost quite a bit of weight and will no longer be shopping there. Even though I technically still fit in their smaller sizes, I have more options now, and I swear that I will never be back in that store again.

    I also used to get a catalog called Living XL - it had stuff like camping chairs and hammocks that would support even people who weighed 5 or 600 pounds - I initially got it because I was interested in a bike that wouldn't fall apart under a 300+ pound person. It seemed great, the idea of being able to go out and live despite being obese, and that's something I try and keep in mind. It was also a very heartbreaking catalog, though, because there were also things like an extended toenail clipper for people who can't reach and clip their own nails. It made me very grateful that I decided to get healthy before decisions were made for me.

  2. That's gotta be a great feeling to toss the magazine each month. I get a similar monthly magazine here in Canada called George Richards. I can't wait for the day that I can tell them to shove their magazine. Cheers, Rick

  3. Ugh...yea...I get the dreaded "Lane Bryant" catalog, too. But...sadly...I'm still in those sizes (won't be by the end of this year!).

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  5. That must be an awesome feeling, throwing that in the trash. Personally, I'd throw it in the recycling bin, but that's because I'm a hippie =]

  6. Rip it up into strips for papier mache and make a "100 Pounds" pinata! Then you can bust it up for some extra cardio. :) (I'm envisioning you beating the pinata in a field somewhere, Office Space-style.)

  7. make a paper airplane out of every single page. make a fire in your fireplace.
    send each and every fat guy picture screaming in true kamakazi form directly into the fire.
    applaud after each one.
    (a video post would be lovely for those of us still in the Large Lady or Man Catalogs).
    xoxo GP

  8. Congrats! Time to cancel your subscription - that will be satisfying.