Friday, January 28, 2011


It's been a long time since I've posted measurements.  But my wife, Claire, has been doing them weekly since she started guest posting on my blog.  Well, she inspired me to get back in the habit of taking measurements.

The last time I took measurements was almost 8 months ago on May 3rd.  Since then, I've only come down in weight 5.3 pounds.  I've been really down on myself recently for stagnant scale readings after such an amazing start.

Below are the measurements I took using instructions from this website.  In red, are the changes since my last measurements in May.

Neck: 18" -1"
Shoulder: 51" -3.75"
Bicep: -1"
Chest: 47.5" -3"
Waist: 45" -0.5"
Hips: 44.5" -2"
Thigh: 23 -5.5"
Calf: 18" -0.5      

I lost 5.5 inches from one thigh!  That makes me very happy.  On Monday I'm going to start counting calories again.  Hopefully, that will help push my weight down.  I've made progress.  I'm happy.

Oh, one more thing.  Do you want sexy legs like mine?  Hop on your bicycle.


  1. I really should do this, for some reason I haven't got off my butt to do more than my waist.

    Great job on the losses!