Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sickly, but Successful

I have been sick.  It started right before Christmas.  Then it seemed to get better, and either I lucked out and got a new bug, or even better, the sickness continued.  I finally went to the doctor yesterday and got a WONDERFUL antibiotic which is working magic.  When she asked how I thought I got sick, I said, "Well, my husband is an elementary school teacher..."  She interrupted me by saying, "Say no more."  Kids are germ factories, and it doesn't help that objects often get inserted into mouths at Andrew's school.  Of course they are sanitized, but still...

On to my numbers.....1.6 pounds lost this week.  Now, I only exercised about 3 of those days, so the weight is more likely due to my lack of appetite, but I hope to take it and keep up with it.  That is a grand total of 7.7 pounds for the month.  And, as it is the end of the month, I also have a few measurements to share with you.  This month I lost the following from my body:

Chest: 1.5"
Biceps: .5" (each arm)
Waist: 1"
Hips: 1.5"
Thigh: .5" (each leg)

That is a grand total of 6 inches from my body.  All in all I have had a very successful month.  I am very pleased with my results, even though from week to week they really haven't been huge.  It helps to look at it from a monthly perspective - a few consistent losses can really add up.  If I can keep this up I could potentially have lost 35 pounds by June 1.  That would be great.  My sister graduates in June, and the whole family will be there - it would be a great time to show off a new/improving body.

But for now, I'm still sick.  Which means it's past my bedtime.


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  1. A 1.6 lbs is G-R-E-A-T. I find the inches sliiiiightly more rewarding where weight loss is concerned. Inches lost = more clothing becomes available. Which is awesome.

    You're doing so well! Here's a big pat on your back...from me.


    Get well soon!