Sunday, January 24, 2010

21-Day Challenge: Complete

I just finished my 21st day at the gym in a row.  Working out should now be a habit.  I'm proud of myself.  I'm ready for a rest day but I'm going tomorrow so I can have one more workout before my weigh-in though.  I want this to be a good weigh-in but I'm a little concerned that I stuffed my face just a little too much this week.  We'll see I guess.

The results of exercising every day have been amazing.  Since I started my 21-day challenge, I've lost at least 7 pounds (I'm going by last week's weigh-in).  I've also discovered the hard way that having at least one or two rest days a week is a necessity.  My hamstrings are constantly sore, my knees hurt a little, my back hurts, and my arms are always sore.  I need to let my body recuperate a couple times a week. 

So now that this challenge is over, I need your suggestions for other 21-day challenges.  Here are some ideas I've gathered so far:

Count/plan my calories every day
Cut out one item from my diet that I love but isn't very good for me (i.e. pop, chocolate, etc.)

That's not much, and I'd like to do a challenge every other month, so I really need suggestions.

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  1. I hope you take a break. I think making the challenge is great! But I think if your body tells you to rest, then rest. Challenges are tough but a good distraction. I have one for you! For the next 14 days, subsitute something calorie for calorie that is different. So instead of say chips, even though they maybe measured, have two bannana's of equal value. That is what i have been trying to do.
    Another one could be to take a multi-vitamin daily? Do you? I also started taking Omega-3 and flax seed oil caps.

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