Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I Am So Hungry

I just ate lunch and I want seconds.  Luckily, I'm at work and there is nothing more for me to eat here (besides play-doh).  I've been getting something on the order of 6 hours of sleep a night and I think my body is trying to compensate by taking in more food.  Here's where my willpower is going to be tested.  I think the major thing, besides diet and exercise, that contributed to my success last week was all the extra sleep I got.  I wasn't hungry at all last week, and I certainly didn't eat any more than I have been this week.

I've been to the gym every day since Monday and I think I'm going to try to go every day this week.  I'm going to really focus on getting a lot of exercise.  I think that's a good goal for the week (if I can remember my shoes).  The past three nights I've stayed up way past my bed time, and tonight will be no different.  My parents get back from England at 11:53 tonight and I'll be picking them up.  Ugh.  Another day that's several hours longer than it needs to be.  I shouldn't be complaining.  It will be good to see my parents again and I'm the one keeping myself up at night.

Update: I found an article confirming my hunch:

I think more people will read my blog if I add pictures.  So, to end my blog today and to say thank you for reading, here is a picture of play-doh.  Enjoy.



    Check out this guy. He was featured on CNN and I think you could relate to him.

  2. So I posted the 1st comment before I read the post (I was excited!)..

    I am ALWAYS hungry when I'm sleepy. It is the most frustrating thing to be hungry and sleepy. Usually I keep an apple or an orange at work for when those cravings come. I cut up the apple in as many pieces as reasonable and enjoy each slice-same with the orange. I try not to do anything else when I eat my sleepy snacks. :)

  3. (This isn't Kimmy btw :o )

    Je ne sais quoi? Tralle! Awesome blog and a great way to keep yourself accountable. After college I totally was feeling like hours in front of the computer had taken their toll... for my weight loss (about 50 pounds!) it was all behavior modification; I had to make exercise a habit.

    A behavior (running/jogging) needs to be repeated fairly consistently for about 21 days before it becomes habit. For me, running was something I decided to do everyday or every other day. In the beginning it didn't matter if I went 6 blocks and back at a slow jog; I was still putting on those workout clothes and getting outside, or to the gym, and developing the habit. Eventually, I could run farther. But in the beginning it was all baby steps. I am cheering ya on, you can doooo it!

    Here's a successful dood for some motivation:

    -Mr. Kasl(GC)