Friday, January 15, 2010

The Pledge Was a Success!

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the pledge.  Thanks to all the comments, follows, and donations, I spent 32 minutes on the elliptical machine.

The first twenty minutes weren't much problem, but the last 12 were a little tough.  I may start expanding my time on the elliptical up to half an hour because I really felt like I got a good work-out.  By the end I had burned 238 calories according to the machine.  Then I stepped onto the scale in the gym to find that I had apparently lost 45 pounds since Monday.

Every time I go in I weigh 20 pounds less.  Amazing!

Man, that scale is flattering.  Hopefully, I'll be there for real in a few months.  We went out for dinner tonight and I'm feeling a little guilty though.  I had a buffalo chicken sandwich.  I just looked up the calorie content.  I couldn't find the sandwich, but the buffalo chicken strips are almost 1500 calories by themselves.  AHHHH!  I can't believe I put that in my body!

I just calculated everything I ate today and the result is not pretty.  3732 calories.  I was doing fine (well, I'd eaten a little more than I should have) and then I went out to Old Chicago.  I'm so glad I didn't get a beer.  It's not really as bad as it seems.  WebMD says to lose 2 pounds a week, I should be taking in about 2500 calories a day.  To maintain, I should take in 3500.  So with the workout pledge, I'm calling it a wash.  It still left a terrible taste in my mouth (even though it was so delicious).  Hopefully, this is the kick in the butt I need to start measuring my intake before it goes in my mouth.

15 seconds of my workout today were thanks to one individual who decided to post anonymously in the comment section: 

Anonymous said...
This blog is a pathetic attempt at finding support. 
I'll be honest, I was hurt by this post.  I didn't know what to do at first.  Then I was angry.  Really angry.  Then I felt defeated.  I couldn't help but wonder who this person was and why they had written something so mean spirited.  I tried to rise above it and own it by responding with:
Dear person who called me a pig. Thank you for adding 15 seconds to my workout.
I was still feeling down when more comments started coming in.  Friends and strangers (friends I haven't met) alike started coming to my defense and telling me not to let the internet flaming get to me.  My wife, being the incredible law student she is, even jokingly threatened legal action against the anonymous person on the internet.  THANK YOU EVERYONE for your support.  Not just for keeping me going after the one comment, but for all your support.  I'm very lucky to have so many people that care about me and my success on my weight loss journey.


  1. There's a calorie calculator app for iPod touch and iPhone. It lets you keep a food log and tells how many caloaries you've comsumed. It's useful. Before my ipod was stolen I used it. It might be called Livestrong, but I don't remember now.

  2. oooh.. yes...(off Mr. Scott) It's free too! It's called LoseIt. I'm using it right now. You can even check your progress online. For being free, it works great! :)

    I'm glad I could contribute so many minutes to your workout routine! Usualy when I do an elliptical, I'll do two minutes of more resistance, and then two minutes of less resistance. My trainer told me it works great to keep the heart rate up without wearing yourself out and it increases endurance, because you're pushing your abilities with the more resistance segment. :)

    And don't worry about the haters. :) They survive on the internet to bring people down because their life probably sucks even worse than yours. The blog is a great idea, and you aren't the first to use it for support!

  3. Use the anger. Every time you feel like it's time to be done with the work out, get angry. Think that there are people that want you to fail and think about sticking it to them. Those extra 15 seconds go a long way to surpassing your goal.