Thursday, January 7, 2010

Apple Fritter (oh my!)

I have motivation to hit the gym tonight.  That's right, I had half an apple fritter today.  It was soooooo good but sooooooooo bad.  For anyone who's counting.  You will clearly notice that the o-count in sooooooooo bad clearly outweighs soooooo good.  Therefor (or therefore?), the cost outweighs the benefits.

Between a comment by Ryan on my last post and a conversation with my wife last night, I decided I will be dedicating the next three weeks to making sure I get to the gym as close to every day as possible.  If you repeat a behavior for 21 days, it becomes a habit.  That's what I'm trying to do.  I want to make the gym a habit.  Then after 21 days, I'll start a new habit.  I think the next one will be planning out my meals for an entire day.  I want to get back into running this spring when the weather improves.  I want to run a 5k before my year is up.  Maybe getting in to running again will be a 3 weeks every day affair.  If anyone else can think of something they'd like to suggest I try for three weeks, please let me know.


  1. Hey, old friend.

    Been reading for a while because it's entertaining, and because I recently (late summer) got into working out and fixing my poor eating decisions. I figured it would be best to do so before my bad habits got too out of hand. Fortunately, I have a couple programs that I can vouch for as I've been on track with them for almost six months now. Obviously, I've altered them a bit to make up for my increased skill, but they worked pretty much as wonderfully as they argue.

    For strength, I used the Strong Lifts 5x5. It's a simple to learn and utilize program that gave me huge results. It also has the benefit of not requirement tons of equipment beyond the basics, any of which you can find in any gym.

    For cardio, I found this one to be really effective considering I hadn't done any running for a couple years. It's called the Couch-to-5k, and breaks down a running routine over a nine week period. I recall that you ran track (I think), so you likely know more about running and more about how to change the program to fit your own personal needs and style. For my ignorance, however, it brought me from never running to easily running for an hour. Again, that's been for 6 months though.

    Couple last quick points: From my own research, discussions, and personal experience, I would advise against hitting the gym every day unless your are alternating your workout from cardio to strength and back again. Working two days in a row of heavy strength or heavy cardio can actually produce negative results. Also, having one day off per week (e.g., 3 cardio, 3 strength, 1 rest) can actually help the success and combat against burn out.

    If either of those links don't work, just search StrongLifts 5x5 and Couch to 5k. I believe they are the first results on Google. Lastly, I've become a bit more knowledgable in eating habits and supplements, so if you have any questions about those, just send me a Facebook message.

  2. I should probably add that it's Matt Berg, by the way.

  3. I read this blog too.

    -Kiel Harell