Saturday, January 16, 2010

To Diet Coke or Not to Diet Coke?

I'm getting better at monitoring my intake.  Yesterday, I went overboard by accident.  Today has been better.  I've only had about 2000 calories today.  I'm trying really hard not to go for a snack.  Next week, I'll start planning my intake before I eat.  I'll do that for three weeks.  It's all about forming habits.

I have one question though.  I don't drink any pop other than diet coke.  Still, I've heard diet coke isn't very good for you.  What are your thoughts?  Should I quit drinking diet coke?

I'm starting the 100 push-up challenge on Monday.  Tonight, I'll be taking the initial push-up test.  I'll probably do a little bit of elliptical too.  Sorry for the lame post everyone.  The weigh-in is coming on Monday.  That will be more exciting.


  1. In my book, artificial sweeteners are bad news. Also, even if they don't have calories, ultra-sweet beverages can trigger the same "feed me!" impulses in your brain. I recommend switching to sparkling water (also no calories) or a carbonated fruit juice when you would like a delicious, refreshing something-something. Natural food stores also carry brands like Blue Sky and Dr. Hansen's, which make Stevia-sweetened sodas with guanine if you're not ready to give up stimulants and cola flavor :)

  2. Hi,
    I am on a similar journey as you. I weigh morethough. But we have a lot in common. I live in Farmington, MN and work in Eagan. I too have been following for a little while. For me it will be two weeks tomorrow after it just clicked. But you know I live locally, and could use a buddy alongthis journey like you. Some accountability you know? If interested send me an email to If not, good luck.

    Farmington, MN

  3. When I started running, I decided to try to cut out soft drinks as much as possible. It was a bit challenging, resisting the urge to just grab a can of pop, but one way I found to help the cause was to reach for a can of carbonated water instead. I admit, I didn't put a lot of research into this, but there's a huge drop in sugar content, and I still get the fun bubbly fizz of a soft drink.

    These days, I rarely buy pop, and I have a Brita water container in my fridge at all times.

    Should you stop drinking diet Coke? I think it would help reaching your goal if you did. As above, artificial sweeteners have bad reps, and there are other drinks that you can have that are tasty and fun with better health benefits.

    I do caution: if you drink a lot of diet Coke, you may have a few days of physical reaction, like headaches. Your body is used to the caffeine and will not enjoy having that taken away.

  4. To be 'healthy' no more than 2 pops/day. I usually have a can at lunch or in the evening just to enjoy. Quitting pop is tough! And if you do enjoy a pop once or twice a day, it won't kill you. but be sure to drink A LOT of water!! It'll help midday cravings, keep your energy up and help your metabolism speed up.

    Remember weight loss is not about restricting, but enjoying a balance and in moderation. If you can't give it up, thats fine. But if you can find a satisfying replacement, then thats fine too. :)

  5. I drink far less soda than I used to. I never really thought much about the artificial sweeteners, although I do believe researches know less about the sweeteners than they think they do.

    Anyway, I'm drinking Crystal Light now (yes, I know, more artificial sweeteners), and I think it is much better than diet soda. I don't think the sodium level is as high. I've tried to drink plain water, and I just can't get used to it. The flavor of Crystal Light helps.

  6. Stop drinking Diet Coke because it's lame. Only old ladies drink that sludge.

  7. Here's some motivation for you:

  8. Andrew,

    Just want you to know that I am proud of you and I know you can do it. You have done so many amazing things in your life and I know this is another wonderful accomplishment to add to your list!


  9. I would say that drinking Diet Coke isn't the worst thing you could do. Although you could use it as a treat, and it would be a trick treat because it's not like it's really hurting your calorie intake. I'm currently trying to cut out the pop intake too(more the caffeine intake) and it's pretty tough. I crave it so much. But now I have found that the carbonated water is helping to curb it. And you don't feel so guilty after! Keep it up Tralle!

  10. Hey,

    Just heard about this. I'm proud of you. As you know by now, it isn't easy. I see people in the clinic all the time who want to or try to loose weight but to actually get something done is a whole nother story, looks like you have had some success. For what it's worth, here are my comments.

    Stay motivated, you can do it. You've made it this far and I know you can do the rest.

    I like the idea of the blog. It isn't obsessing, it is keeping you honest and motivated and on a schedule.

    In my experience, the calorie intake is the place you can really make progress. Stay discipline with this. Watch what you eat and watch the snacks. Always be willing to find the healthier choice and always decide early in the meal or before the meal what is the right amount to eat. It is easy to get caught up in the it tasts good and want more game but 30 minutes after the meal when the stretch receptors in your stomach kick in all the way, you will realize that what you ate was enough to make you full.

    Working out helps a lot, plus it will lead to health benefits faster than counting calories alone. I also like that it keeps you on a routine.

    I don't know the intracacies of your routine yet, but a good plan and lots of self monitoring has been proven to work in clinical trials.

    Hope none of this goes against what you are trying to do, if it does, I don't know what I'm talking about.


  11. I have followed you for a while. Keep it up. I know that blogging can be tough, but I really think it is an accountability thing. It is a disciplined repetition thing too. Which I think translates into your other habbits.

    Thanks for the inspiration. I started to at my site.

    "I Hate Green Apples."