Sunday, January 24, 2010

Did I Do Something Wrong?

I just stumbled upon this: Healthy Body Calculator® - Ask the Dietitian®. Take a look and plug in your information. Did anyone else find this wildly inaccurate? It told me I would lose 1.8 lbs a week if I consume 1,200 calories a day. If I consumed 1,200 calories a day for more than two days, you'd probably find me rummaging through the trash looking for anything edible. Seriously, 1,200 calories a day? I weigh 279 pounds.

Did I enter something wrong? What result did you get? Ugh...


  1. I use and it works for me I get 2200ish calories to lose 1.5 pounds a week and I am 237.

  2. Yeah the one you found doesn't work. It told me to eat 1900 calories a day (which is too much for me, even to maintain). It also wouldn't let me enter a body fat goal above 19%. Women are technically in the "acceptable" range up to 31%!

  3. I think this thing is messed up. The minimum amount of calories a person needs a day is 1200.. I agree with shannon on the body fat %! If I lost the weight needed to be at 19% I wouldn't look healthy and I would have to spend all of my time keeping that % instead of enjoying life. :)

    Otherwise, the nutrients it showed me were relative to what a healthy diet should be-just a little larger in numbers for a larger caloric intake.