Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Afternoon Snacks

I'm doing pretty well on my calorie intake until I get home from work.  I seem to be partaking in a controlled binge of sorts.  I'm trying to snack healthily, but I just keep getting hungrier and hungrier.  Today I had almonds, then what seemed like half a box of wheat thins, then some pepperoni (at least it was turkey pepperoni, which has 70% less fat than regular pepperoni).  I just wanted to eat and eat.  After dinner, I felt full and guilty.  At least I'm getting to the gym and burning part of it off.

Tonight I listened to the album, Fashion Nugget, by Cake.  I did push-ups during "I will survive".  I did pretty well for myself.  I think I'll start the 100 push-ups challenge next week.  This week, he was too busy fake proposing to his friend in Bruges.

Me actually proposing to Claire in Bruges.

Erick NOT doing push-ups in Bruges.

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  1. I'm having this same issue lately. I "graze" when I get home from work. A handful of pretzels... and then a couple of crackers or a cookie. All before or while I'm making dinner. I did a lot better when I had my food planned out in advance and kept the little finger foods out of the house. I'll be going back to that this week. Great blog! I'll be adding you to my blog roll! I'm hoping your journey will inspire my hubby too. Thanks.