Sunday, January 31, 2010

Another Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

I had another buffalo chicken sandwich.  The last one I ate was over 2000 calories.

Now before you judge me, let me explain that this buffalo chicken sandwich was made of grilled -not fried- chicken.  I also replaced the fries with a side salad with light dressing.  Food is so much more enjoyable when it's not smothered with a dripping ladle full of guilt.

For desert I had a piece of fresh strawberry pie.  I'm sure the crust was chock-full of delicious sin, but that was probably eclipsed by the whipped cream they dumped on top. 

In all, I don't think I broke the bank.  If I don't make at least two pounds this week, I'll be blaming Thursday night's fondue.


  1. Its all calories in calories out. I do know that it also matters what it is, but my favorite treat is a McDonalds Vanila cone. Ewww sounds bad...Nope! 150 calories! thats it! I think you shouldn't beat yourself up when your making good subsitutions.

    My weigh day is tomorrow...
    Come check it out.