Sunday, January 10, 2010

Post-Workout Post

I usually don't post twice on the same day (I guess if this takes more than ten minutes to write, I'll actually be posting this the following day), but I thought I'd make an exception.  I was nervous and feeling fat, but I had an awesome workout and feel much better.  I spent 20 minutes on the elliptical at level seven and 20 more minutes on the treadmill with incline 10 at 3mph.  I feel like a million bucks.  My legs are a little sore, but I'm sure I'll be fine by tomorrow.

I've been reading more and more of Tyler Weeks' blog,  I really feel like this could be me.  I've come across an idea for a workout pledge that I may steal.  You can find it here.  For those of you who don't want to click on the link for one reason or another, I'll summarize.

Essentially, I would pick a day where my readers could tell me how much to exercise.  There would be a number of actions.  Commenting on my post would add 15 seconds to my workout, for example.  Following me on twitter or facebook would add time, as would linking to me from a separate website.  There may be other actions as well.

During the workout, I'd update twitter and readers could follow along in real time.  Tyler worked out for 95 minutes on both the elliptical and treadmill.  That's right, he worked out for 190 minutes.  I'd probably just start out on one machine for the first pledge.

My wife pointed out to me after reading my last post, that I'm focusing quite a bit on increasing site traffic.  Sometimes it even overshadows my weight loss efforts.  She's right of course.  I do spend quite a bit of time trying to get people to read about my exploits.  It's no secret I love attention.  Right now, I'm feeding off it and it's keeping me focused on my goal.  I feel like the more people read my blog, the more I will keep myself on track.

Moral of the story, I love having my ego stroked.  So subscribe, comment, follow me on twitter and facebook, and stop by often and maybe I'll stay on track to lose 100 pounds in a year!

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  1. i think you should do it. us know when the deadline is!! :)